Yuca, Yuca, Yuca!

Don't you think some words are just meant to be chanted? I think Yuca is one of those words.

Anyway, if you saw my pictures from Nicaragua, you also saw a picture of a creamy white, twice baked potato-looking side dish. (Yuca con Corvina to name the exact picture). This was no potato. It was actually yuca, or cassava, root in disguise. And it was delicious.

So when I found Yuca at the grocery store, I thought, why not try to recreate this Nicaraguan experience?

However, I think that without Nicaragua and any real cooking skills, this was an unattainable goal. My version turned out chunky, garlicky, relatively bland and all wrong... even though I did follow the recipe more strictly than I normally do.

I think the yuca described in the recipe was not the one in my head. I think I also need a lesson in cooking roots... or cooking in general.