How to become a Mayor

I actually got my idea for this new thing of the day by reading an article for work. I had never heard of Foursquare, but apparently it has made the list of influential social media sites.

Foursquare was intriguing to me because it seemed pertitent to my touristic lifestyle and to this pocket project in particular because it claims: "We're all about helping you find new ways to explore the city." Well, I can always use some suggestions.

Foursquare is based on the idea of cataloging all the new (and old) places you go. When you are at a new location, the foursquare application on your phone detects where you are and you can "check-in." You earn points for each check in, more points for each new place you go to, and even more points for going some place that has not yet been logged by other users. You can also earn badges (I have only earned the newbie badge so I don't know how you earn these.)

However, what is most amusing to me is that you can become the "Mayor" of some place if you go there more often than anyone else. When you check in somewhere, Foursquare will tell you who is the makeshift mayor of that place. Some establishments will even give you a free drink etc. if you can prove that you are its mayor.

This entertains me. I think I would enjoyed being crowned the imaginary mayor of some place ... of course, it goes without saying that this place would have to be Italian. Perhaps Gelatissimo!