It is kind of hard to write about the blossoming of flowers without being symbolic. I can certainly say that there is a newness to my life that befits the metaphor: a new job, a new apartment, a new city, probably even a new direction. However, I will leave it to another writer to go deeper into the comparison and discuss the hopefulness of spring and new beginnings. I don't do optimism very well.

If there is one thing I am though, it is observant. And I can see that we could all stand to learn from nature. Nature exists intrinsically knowing that there are different seasons in life. Everything has its place, purpose and time, and that one thing must end in order to make room for something else's beginning. These are the most obvious rules in nature, and yet these are the very things that human nature so strongly struggles against...

But as for these cherry blossoms, even though the temperature had dipped from 70 degrees farenheit to 45 in a matter of days, they were not thrown. It is Spring, and they know that it is their time to open. And we, the folks of the mid-Atlantic USA, flocked to see the newly pink painted skyline.