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Locked down but not out in Italy

Singing from the balconies! One nice thing about this crisis ... solidarity! “Guess you’re not living like a tourist anymore,” was the funny, truthful and somewhat gut-wrenching message of a friend the day the lockdown in Italy began. Today is day 6. My beloved Italia has been hit hard with the COVID19 epidemic. With the second largest elderly population in the world, the epidemic has meant a disproportionate amount of deaths in the country. So though I haven’t been worried about contracting it myself, this isn’t about me or someone like me who, if contracted it would probably have a sucky couple of weeks and then recover. It is about if someone like me contracted it and then spread it to a person with a complicated health history or an elderly person with a weakened immune system. Eerily orderly: Lines for the grocery store, each person one meter apart In a country with no concept (and no physical room really) for personal space, and in a city with reproachable hygie

First Day

As much as I would like to write a brilliant review of this new chapter in my life, I am kind of brain dead at the moment. After almost of a year of being able to avoid regularly getting up before 8 am, today I woke up at 6 am, had a 1.75 hour commute, a full day's work, a stop off to sign my lease (I have an apartment!) and then another 2 hour commute home. By 9pm, I still had not had a proper dinner or really a minute of down time. However, it is a good feeling of exhaustion, one that is the fruit of being productive.

As for the day itself, it was kind of the usual combination of swimming in new passwords, legal papers and tax forms, badge and security applications, mail box (voice and mail) set-ups and searching for relevant things like past emails, old project files, working pens and coffee.

I got lost in the maze that is the Ronald Reagan building, but enjoyed a nice lunch with my supervisor and new co-worker.

All in all, I am excited to be on this path.

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