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Choosing the unknown: A long weekend in Kiev

Ukraine was country #78 for me, #91 for my husband.

Why do I know this? Because I married a Virgo, or for those who don’t care about horoscopes, a Type A, hyper-organized, live-for-numbers-and-charts kind of guy. That means that we have an excel sheet tracking the countries we have been to. Columns indicate my visits, his visits, our visits, the year he went in, the year I went in, the year we went together, or whether he, I or both would one day like to visit. The excel sheet also, I will have you know, has country flags, links to Wikipedia pages and automated cell counts. Don't get me wrong, this aspect of Virgos fascinates me. I put pins in globes, scratch off countries on maps, or make scrapbook pages of trips, but I am not sure it would have occurred to me to count them... go figure.

But the point of going to Kiev (despite the excel sheet) wasn’t to make it number 78. For me, going to Ukraine was to continue to push the boundaries of what I know and what I don’t. And this th…

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