Around the Virtual World in 80 days

Project 30: Trying out a Yahoo! Video Game

Since I am not in a position at the moment to tour around the actual world, I can do it virtually by lining up little tiles of similar colors, earning me gadgets like binoculars and globes to put in my fake suitcase, and sending me from England to France to Egypt (I think). I never got past France.

My new thing of the day was the Around the World in 80 Days video game on Yahoo! games. However, since I have never played any game on Yahoo! games, I suppose that was also a new thing. This game seemed right up my alley.

This was kind of a fun variation on Tetris, a childhood favorite of mine. However, you will find that the characters are quite gabby, and you have to click through their conversations almost as much as you have to click on the tiles in the game proper.

Maybe I will try to get to Egypt tomorrow. After all, it is my mother country.

Want to try to beat me around the world?

Why am I doing this?