Veteran's Day in D.C.

My list of 365 things to do in D.C. is filling out nicely, and at last count, I had done approximately 48% of the items listed. One new item that I will add to the list is a visit to the American Red Cross Headquarters near the White House. The building, a National Historic Landmark, reportedly has one of the largest set of Tiffany windows still in their original state. These windows demonstrate the organization's values: hope, faith, charity and love. The building also houses art and artifacts collected by the Red Cross since its inception in 1881.

If you, unlike me, have off today for Veteran's Day, today is a good day to visit (at least the outside, the inside needs advance scheduling) because they are hosting a card signing event for the men and women serving in the military. Their goal is to collect one million cards by December 10. So make sure to stop by, and while you are it, stay for the Amy Grant concert at 2:30. The event will be held at the ARC Headquarters at 430 17th Street. It is a good way to honor Veteran's Day and learn more about this great organization.

Some other Veteran's Day events in D.C.