November: The most wonderful time of the year

Sometimes being a full-time worker AND a full-time tourist makes it hard to be even a part-time blogger. So though I have been actively exploring all parts of D.C. and have crossed off another boatload of sights on my list, I have had little free time to relive these experiences through blogging.

However, my added excuse is that this has been the most beautiful November on record. And because I am already one with a virtual phobia of being stuck indoors, in lieu of a proper update, I will instead give you a glimpse into why I could not be bottled up by a ceiling and four walls when the outdoors looks like this:

A Rainbow-painted Tree near the Monuments

Perfectly blue skies over Rock Creek Park

Fire-orange Trees at Eastern Market

Cherry red trees at the National Zoo

My walk home over the Duke Ellington Bridge under a Full Moon.

Sometimes just being outdoors, enjoying the weather, is the best kind of tourism.