If I could sing opera, this is exactly what I would do!

If you, like I, were curious about the translation, here is what I found:

Let us drink from the goblets of joy
adorned with beauty,
and the fleeting hour shall be adorned
with pleasure.
Let us drink to the secret raptures
which love excites,
for this eye reigns supreme in my heart...

Let us drink, for with wine,
love will enjoy yet more passionate kisses.

With you I can spend the time with delight.
In life everything is folly, which does not bring pleasure.

Let us be happy,
fleeting and rapid is the delight of love;
it is a flower which blooms and dies, which can no longer be enjoyed.
Let us be happy, fervent and enticing words summon us.

Be happy... wine, and song, and laughter beautify the night;
let the new day find us in this paradise.

Life is nothing but pleasure,
as long as one is not in love.
That is my fate...

Italian is amazing.

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