Do you ever see something and think: "Ah ha! That's why I like (fill in the blank)!" ?

Like seeing a dog take only a second to switch from depression, with his little head flat on the floor, to euphoria, with his tail wagging madly, just because you call his name?

Or seeing a particularly large chunk of Oreo in a cookies n'creme ice cream scoop?

Or perhaps seeing the way a certain piece of jewelry, worth $10 or $1,000, glitter in the daylight?

Seeing the sunlight radiate off the buildings at a Roman sunset, was always one of those ah-ha moments for me and my love of Rome. 

This picture is another. And it also explains the subconscious urge I had to use red, orange and yellow as the main colors in decorating my apartment. Really, is there anything more beautiful??

What types of things remind you of your loves (big- Family or small-Oreos)?

photo credit - 06 blog.it