Recalling Past Trips via Junk

This call by Trip Advisor got me thinking about all of my own, to put it gently, crap.

Those of you who think I am bad now should have seen my sister and me in our adolescent years. We collected everything imaginable. No really. Think of something (under $20, non-and-never-living, and g-rated) and at one point or another, one of us had that collection: buttons, pins, posters, stickers, keychains, magnets, trolls, postcards, paperweights, t-shirts, and you get the point.

The strangest item though...

Perhaps a foot-shaped rock (that thoroughly entertained me) from Ostia beach right outside of Rome. I kept that in my possession for quite some time... though in all my moves I am not sure if it made the final cut or not. hmm... I have some digging to do.

What kind of weird things have you collected?


  1. haha i remember the little trash can of pins/buttons! i also think i recall when you decided to throw them all out! the trolls too...remember when people would bring trolls/dolls/stuffed animals in as "good luck charms" for exams? hilarious.


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