Minty Goodness

I have always had a thing for mint. Mint flavored almost anything is amazing: gelato (of course), granita (or the Baltimore equivalent- sno-balls), tea, dark chocolate, white chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse... really any chocolate-mint combination. I add mint syrup to caffe lattes at Starbucks; I add dried mint to tabbouleh, couscous dishes, and many other recipes were it does, and does not, make sense. I adore mojitos... and, truth be told, I can really just eat plain mint leaves.

This is another oddity that I cannot completely blame on being "foreign" nor can I blame it on being American. I once found an astrology book that claimed that Aquarians (of which I am one) have a penchant for mint and chocolate combinations, so perhaps I will blame it on being born in January. Who knows.

However, in my adventures to get to know DC better, I stumbled across a store, and subsequently a groupon for, Schakolad- a chocolate factory in downtown DC. And, low and behold, they sell mint chocolate truffles. I am hooked. Sadly, the groupon was a gift, so I could not stock up on these famously delicious little treats. However, now that I know they exist, I shall make it a point to revisit this minty experience in the near future.

Other exciting mint discoveries:

Georgetown cupcake's daily special for Saturday is a mint cookies & creme cupcake- I have not had it yet, but, oh, I will...

There is a "Three Musketeers" chocolate bar out there that has incorporated mint in it!

And though I have not seen it in a long time, I once found in Canada a Sprite and mint combination, Sprite Ice... maybe we can rally and get it back into production.