Relapsing: A Visit to D.C.

Today I visited with my ex... D.C. You all might remember my 1-year, at first reluctant, but in the end happy romance with Washington D.C.? No, it didn't last. I knew it wouldn't, but even so, this perhaps short-lived relationship was one in which I grew a lot, healed some wounds and, it is one that I remember fondly. So we have remained friends and whenever I leave Rome, I let myself relapse a little and go back to DC.

Besides, I have a lot left to explore in DC. Even on my monstrosity of a list (D.C. Listography), there are things that I never got to. And since DC is an ever-changing metropolis, there are some new places to add even since my departure nine months ago.

Authentic French Bakery: Paul

This french bakery opened its first store outside of France in 1985. Since this one in Barcelona, Paul has opened stores in Tokyo, London, Dubai and Washington DC. Luckily, I am not a huge fan of pastries. Bread, however, I worship. And in this respect, Paul is worthy of worship.

A Performance at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

Of the many many museums in DC, I had never made it to this particular one. So it was a welcome opportunity to go today with some friends. We happened to enter the museum right as a show was beginning featuring the native dances and songs of Git-Hoan or "the people of the salmon."

The hand-made costumes and masks were truly impressive and the dances were fascinating representations of their folklore. At the end, I was a bit annoyed at myself for not having made a greater effort to go to this museum during the year I lived in the area. But at least I got to it now.

Old Favorites: Julia's Empanadas & Red Velet Cupcakery

I finished my trip with two of my favorites: A Vegetarian Empanada from Julia's...

And a red velvet cupcake from the aptly named Red Velvet Cupcakery. Both masters in their field. I have found no better empanada or red velvet cupcake than those respective places.

Not that I want to make you jealous, Rome, but you're not the only city out there that knows food. Fortunately, you still have the Coliseum going for you...


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