A Doggy Dog World

Alright so you all didn't go for the "I'm not a crazy cat lady" thing. So here is the follow up: Dogs of the World!

New York City, NY

Rome, Italy

Dublin, Ireland

Nemi, Italy

Nice, France

Chicago, USA

Howth, Ireland

Dog on a Roof: Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

Awkwardly positioned dog: Atlanta, GA

Macchie Alte Agriturismo: Manciano, Italy

Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

Ravenna, Italy

National Mall, Washington D.C.
Bonnie & Clyde: Sudan (courtesy of a friend)
Perhaps now I have proven my point. Or perhaps, instead of a crazy cat lady, now you all think that I am just plain crazy... well, that's the risk I run I guess.